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About Me & Frequently Asked Questions

As the founder and CEO of 40/7 Studios LLC., FIlmmaker Jorge  A. Nunez has continued to strive to make the best indie films on indie budgets.  Born in Los Angeles. Raised in Riverside, Ca. Jorge has always wanted to make movies. As a little kid his father would constantly take him to the movies, falling in love with the wonderment and mysterious process of filmmaking. 


At an older age, Jorge decided to leave his coprorate Job, become a bartender and move to Dallas, Texas to focus on making films.


The journey has not been easy, but it has been worth it.


 Jorge immedtialy began working on productions in Dallas, beginning with the 20 minute short, but shocking drama, 'Bottles', which he wrote. This film was a challenge to write because it featured no dialogue, but heavily depended on sound design and the actors emotions. 


Jorge then jumped behind the camera for 2012's zombie hit film 'PICNIC'  a seven minute short film, about a couple who decide to go on a picnic at the end of the Zombie Apocalypse.  'PICNIC' was released on youtube, which is currently approaching 60,000 views. 


Up next for Jorge was producing 2013's psychological mind bender 'Leak', which he was also the Director of Photography. Branching out on his own and building a new production team, left way for a huge learning experience on how to make films....


Eight months later, Jorge was behind the camera once again, but this time to shoot the feature film 'The Lotus', which is a prequel to PICNIC bringing back it's two main stars for a bigger, badder, ambitiously viusal effects heavy film. The filmed screened in October of 2015 that sold out two shows. Nearly 500 people atteneded. 'The Lotus' is currently in discussion with several distrubtion companies.


 Jorge continues to raise the bar in the Dallas area, where he resides, by announcing a string of blockbuster style films set to shoot and release in the coming years. "Go big or go home.", as he always says.


When Jorge isn't making movies, he's either editing a project, shooting weddings, writing his next film, or shooting other non-related film projects for local clients and artists.


40/7 Studios is built on the passion and desire to do what you love. Jorge approaches each and every project with integrity and the frame of mind that ANYTHING is possible.



How soon will casting begin for your planned films?

We will send out a casting call on all social media platforms and local media outlets soon. Check back on our site for updates.

I'm interested in investing in one of your upcoming feature films, how do we set up a meeting?

Great! We are always looking for investors. Please contact us at 469.540.3640 or you may email us at and we will reply within 24 hours

Is Forty Seven Studios hiring?

 We do have a spot open to assist us with our events. Please submit a resume. Must have basic knowledge in DSLR (Canon products) preferrably. Pay depends on each event. You can email us at


Does Forty Seven Studios shoot anything other than films and weddings?

Absolutely! We shoot anything from behind the scenes shoots, quincineras, Corporate videos, commercials to any other life event. There's no limit to what we can do. Please email or call us to discuss your event in detail. 

Are you for hire regarding any post production work?

Yes! We specialize in editing, color correction, and visual effects work. You may contact us via email or by phone to discuss your project!


Are you selling merchandise from any of your films?

We are working on a store where we wil begin to sell a bunch of really cool stuff from our films, as well as actual film props! Coming soon.

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