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40/7 Studios has just announced three ambitious feature film projects and they are going to be tremendous for indie filmmaking! It all started with highly anticipated 'The Lotus' (2015), filmmaker Jorge A. Nunez, whom had only short film experience, ventured out of his comfort zone, when he realized that he could shoot a full length film on a micro-budget. But not just any film, a film with flare, visual effects, and scale. Director Jorge A. Nunez is ready to get at it and raise the bar NOT once more, but three more times as he reveals his next three projects for the next four years.

"How the hell are you gonna pull this off?"

Jorge A. Nunez chuckles at this question. "I was asked the same thing with The Lotus...and the answer to that is, planning. You can pretty much do anything if you plan it out right. Planning is Key. I did that with The Lotus."

So what are the next three films?

Starting off with 'Remote:View' (planned for 2017), a Sci-fi thriller in what he describes as a cross between reservoir Dogs, Inception, and, Pi.

"This is an epic story filled with dazzling visuals, its going to be vulgar mysterious, bloody, and funny as hell. I'm working out the characters at the moment, but it will most likely be an all male cast with one female lead added in...It's just gonna be a kick-ass film."

Next up will be 'Sophie and The Devil' (slated for 2018), A Supernatural Thriller, that will be quite "Controversial", he says. "It will make people feel completely uncomfortable but will raise a very important question by the end of the film. It is going to very interesting to see how people react to this one." Sophie and The Devil will feature elements of fantasy and "what if situation". Jorge says there is a twist ending that will be a definite heartbreaker.

"It's going to be dark, but it's going to have this dark humor too, you will probably find yourself laughing at things that you shouldn't."

And to wrap up the decade Jorge leaves us with this quote...

"We can't leave people hangin' with The Lotus! There is an entire world of stories to tell!" Jorge plans to start shooting 'The Lotus: Coalition' early 2019. The Lotus featured a twist at the end that answered the question to "What is the Lotus?", but also opened an entirely different story of a doomed world and its current situation (NOT A SPOILER). The Lotus sequel will continue where it left off.

Casting for his next film 'Remote:View', will begin in early 2016. 40/7 Studios will begin scouting talent and crew in the Dallas area at local film festivals beginning immediately.

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