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Director/Writer Jorge A. Nunez offers first look at "White Van"...and it will creep you ou

The Lotus Director/Writer has revealed mysterious first look into his next feature film "White Van"...and boooooy is it creepy! Check out the snapshot to the mystery/thriller flick below. Mysterious indeed, as he seems to have placed his script over a google search of creepy white vans. BUT we noticed

in the google search bar, it clearly states "The Church of Jonah"....Mysterious indeed and we are surely tickled pink over here. So, what does it mean? Jorge states that "...the film will include a twist so far out, that no one will see it coming for miles."

We love twists! I mean have you seen The Lotus? WOW!, well you probably haven't seen it just yet, But you will soon. ;)

Until next time....

The Church of Jonah loves you. The Church of Jonah will do anything for you.

Trust us. It means something.

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